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As a professional Cleaning Services Company, our Pricing for our cleaning services varies. One of the most important factors we consider when we are putting together our Cleaning Services pricing for our clients is the cost of buying equipment and the cost of quality materials to carry out our cleaning services. Our clients also enjoy up to 20% discount when they accepts to pay for the cleaning materials for a project.

How Much Does Home/Office Cleaning Services Cost ?
Service TypeHome Cleaning- StandardHome Cleaning-DeepMove-in/Move-outPost Construction
1 Roomfrom N5000from N10000
1 Bedroom flatfrom N15000from N20000from N15000from N30000
2 Bedroom flatfrom N20000from N25000from N20000from N30000
3 Bedroom flatfrom N45000from N50000from N45000from N50000
4 Bedroom flatfrom N50000from N65000from N55000from N65000
Half Dupluxfrom N75000from N85000from N85000from N95000
Full Duplexfrom N125000from N150000from N150000from N200000
1 Window Cleaningfrom N2500from N5000from N3000from N5000
After Party/Event Cleaning PriceAmount
Outdoors Negotiable

→ What is included in a standard house cleaning?
Standard cleaning includes sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, emptying trash, making bed, cleaning mirrors, sinks, faucets, appliances and tidying up the whole house. The total cleaning price depends on the size of the apartment.

→ What is included in a deep house cleaning?

Deep house cleaning includes the thorough cleaning of bedrooms, living areas, kitchen and bathrooms. It could also include the cleaning of refrigerators, ovens, cabinets, windows, lamps and fans as well as areas that are hard to reach. The total cleaning price depends on the size of the apartment.

In conclusion !

Several factors can influence the price of our cleaning services. For instance, the number of rooms you want to clean and the type of cleaning – standard, deep, move in/move out, or post construction cleaning will determine the final price. In addition, extra services such as fridge and oven cleaning can increase the price.

Below are some determining factors when estimating cleaning rates:
(1) The number of rooms to be cleaned
(2) The number of home cleaners needed
(3) The amount of time the cleaning will take
(4) The type of cleaning supplies needed or requested
(5) Extra services needed. E.g. window cleaning, fridge and oven cleaning, or laundry.
Note: Deep Cleaning for 4bedroom flat, Deep Cleaning for Move in Move out, Deep cleaning for Post Construction Cleaning all come with FREE FUMIGATION for our clients.

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