Quick Tips for Painting Interior Doors

Quick Tips for Painting Interior Doors

When it comes to painting interior doors or any door as far as that goes. There is a right and a wrong when painting interior doors. Read our quick tips for painting interior doors and you will be well on your way to a professional look.

Paint Application

When applying paint what should you use? This will depend on what type of paint you’re applying and what desired finish you’re looking for. It is an obvious conclusion that a paint sprayer will give you the best finish. A high density foam roller for cabinets and doors will give you the second best finish. Last using a paint brush to apply paint will be your least desired finish.

Type of Paint

When it comes to paint you should consider what type of paint you will use. The most common types of paint for consumer use are Latex, Latex Acrylic, Enamel/Oil Base and least commonly used Epoxy.

Latex and latex acrylic can be applied using sprayer, high density foam roller or paint brush. Enamel/Oil Base and Epoxy are applied using high density foam rollers or paint brushes.

Interior Door Prep

Preparing your interior door for paint is an important step in the process of painting interior doors. There are 3 types of doors that you will run into when painting doors.

1. Painted (old door)
2. Primed (new door slab)
3. Raw Unpainted (new door slab)

Preparation is key when painting interior doors in your house. The very first rule you should follow is never paint your hardware! Nothing makes a new painted door look so bad as painted hardware. You should remove the door from the frame by pulling the hinge pins.

Once you have pulled the door begin taking any remaining hardware off the door. You will have between 2 and 4 hinge halves to remove. Don’t forget to remove the door knob and latch assembly as well. You can paint around these however you should use caution when doing this. Tape off the hardware if you choose not to remove the hardware.

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