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Service type/Pickup & DeliveryPrice
Basket of 15 pieces (Washing & Ironing)from N8500
Basket of 30 pieces (Washing & Ironing)from N15000
Basket of 60 Pieces (Washing & Ironing)from N28000
Basket of 120 pieces (Washing & Ironing)from N49999
SHIRTfrom N500from N1200
T-SHIRTfrom N500from N999
TROUSERfrom N700from N1200
JACKETfrom N1100from N1750
SUIT (2PCS)from N2300from N2500
SUIT (3PCS)from N2500from N2800
TIEfrom N500from N750
AGBADA BUBA & SOKOTOfrom N2500from N3500
BUBA & SOKOTOfrom N1750from N2500
TROUSER & IBO BUBAfrom N2500from N2850
WAIST COATfrom N999from N1300
WAIST COAT & TROUSERfrom N1550from N2000
OVERALLfrom N1000from N1300
PYJAMASfrom N999from N1250
SWEAT SHIRTfrom N750from N1150
TRACK SUITfrom N1250from N1500
GOWNfrom N999from N1500
WEDDING GOWNfrom N3500from N4000
SMALL DUVETfrom N3300from N4000
BIG DUVETfrom N4150from N5500
SMALL TOWELfrom N500from N750
BIG TOWELfrom N800from N1250
TEDDY BEAR from N2500from N3000
BED-SHEETfrom N1250from N2500

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