26 Benefits of Eating Healthy Food

26 Benefits of Eating Healthy Food

EATING IS A MUST in other for us to survive. But healthy eating is important for long life. You are what you eat, this phrase is absolutely true. Whatever you eat, it will affect body and maybe your appearance. It is important to have healthy eating pattern and choice. Healthy eating choice including good food will not only make you and your family satisfied but also can make you and your family healthy all the way.

Nowadays people tend to have unhealthy eating pattern due to lifestyle. Good food will always taste good. The problem is just so many advertising of food product that are easily and got short time to prepared. Many flavor enhancer, and other food additive make those processed food hardly to resist. Those kind of food usually called as convenience food.

Convenience food is easier to consume but it give less benefits to body and even it can be harmful. Convenience food contains more fat, sugar, salt and other chemical that can make you easily feel hungry after short period of eating. By other words, choosing healthy foods will give you more benefits and it is delicious than convenience food, to know more about healthy eating, check the explanation below :

1. Provide energy

The main thing that we get from eating is energy. Getting healthy eating means we provide clean energy to the body which can make us active for whole day. Never skip breakfast and consume healthy grains, or meal in lunch and dinner will keep you fit day and night.

2. Improve stamina

Stamina as well as endurance is required in keeping healthy and fit body. By eating healthy stuffs, you can improve your stamina and energy level especially if you eat adequate protein and vegetable or fruit. Your body will not easily get tired due to the presence of healthy nutrients from food.

3. Fight cancer

Almost 40% of cancer case is caused by unhealthy diet by the means food is one leading cause of cancer. Unhealthy eating contributes harmful toxin and substance enter the body and affected the DNA of the cells. Broken DNA is the beginning of cancer. Convenience food that we used to found in store nowadays contains many food additive and preservative which is not good to your body. Eating balance diet with lots of vegetable and fruit will help your body stay away from cancer.

4. Prevent diabetes

Diabetes is common disorder nowadays and it is the sixth leading cause of death in the world. Diabetes happen when person doesn’t produce enough insulin or having insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone which produced by pancreas and it keep normal blood sugar within the body. After eating, body insulin will bind the sugar and store it in the cells as energy block.

Too much eating sugar can cause insulin resistance and promote the development of diabetes. Controlling sugar intake and choose healthier food such as vegetable and fruit can help you to maintain healthy insulin and prevent from diabetes.

5. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Heart disease is number one leading cause of death worldwide especially in United States. It is caused by many factors and one of those factor known as saturated fat or bad fat. Saturated fat usually found in high fat food especially processed one such as butter, sausage, and some red meat product.

The saturated fat can cause blood vessels thickening that improves the risk of heart disease. Healthy eating which include grains, and fiber can help to lower the risk of heart disease and also prevent from stroke.

6. Strengthen immune system

Immune system is the most important body function in fighting disease or we can say it as the body’s soldiers. Food give significant effect to the immune system. Healthy food that contains vitamin and mineral boost the immune system power so it can provide the best function while unhealthy eating will weakened the immune system and causing several disease.

7. Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is a sign which show that there is something wrong with the body. Inflammation usually happen caused by bacteria or virus infection or other harmful substance. Healthy eating style will not only boost immune system but also reduce and fight inflammation.

8. Improve skin and hair health

Without healthy nutrients you will have dull, rough and unhealthy skin. Skin also derived it nutrition from food. The food which contains high in vitamin can keep healthy skin and also improve the growth of hair. Better nutrition that you take is worthy for your skin and hair if you really care for your beauty.

9. Promote healthy digestion

Unhealthy food sure will destroy your digestion tract slowly but sure. Consuming unhealthy and processed food can disturb the stomach function and harm the intestine. Toxin that consumed along with your meal will block the absorption of important mineral to your body and resulting a poor body. If you want to have healthy digestion, you should consider to put more healthy meals since today.

10. Prevent constipation

Constipation is common problem in digestion system that affected the large intestine. Constipation will make you hard to waste the feces from the body. Eating healthy food with enough fiber can promote healthy bowel movement and prevent constipation.

11. Keeping healthy mental

Healthy food is not only beneficial for your body’s organ but also to your mental health. Depression and stress are common mental illness that people used to suffer in this modern day. According to a study, consuming unhealthy saturated fat, trans fat, and processed food can increase depression by 58%. This is why healthy eating is so important. Choosing good food for your body will surely help to relieve stress and depression.

12. Maintain healthy brain

Brain needs food to keep working. The nutrients that can provide energy to brain is only sugar, butit doesn’t mean consuming lots of sugary food will increase your brain performance. Brain only take energy from sugar that derived from complex carbohydrate with low Glycemix index. sugar that we used everyday is belong to simple sugar that high in glycemix index and it can be harmful due to promote the brain cells damage. Choose healthier carbohydrate will give significant effect to the brain and improve your focus also concentration.

13. Prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer is brain disease which usually experienced by elderly. It is one kind of dementia that affecting bran cell. Alzheimer happen due to the damage of the brain cell and make its patients lost the memory and easily forget. By keeping healthy diet and provide the body with important nutrients can help to prevent your body from Alzheimer.

14. Lowering blood pressure

Healthy diet loaded with fiber and other nutrients can maintain healthy blood pressure and prevent from hypertension. Hypertension can occur due to the thickening of arteries wall and increase the risk of heart disease.

15. Repair body organ

Protein is main building block of the body and it is vital nutrient that play important role in the body repairing process. If there is any damage in the body organ such as wound in skin, protein will promotes the growth of new skin cells. This is why its so important to include protein into your diet.

16. Help in lose weight

You can call healthy eating as smart eating. You will need to know which food you can eat to get slimmer body and healthier weight. As we know that food which is low in calories and fat also high in fiber and other important vitamins also minerals can absolutely help you during diet process and prevent obesity. Obesity is one of leading cause of serious illness such as heart disease and diabetes. About 2.6 millions of people around the world died cause obesity-linked disease each year.

17. Maintain strong bones and teeth

To maintain healthy bones and teeth you should consume calcium and other minerals. Those minerals which contained in food will prevent calcium loss from the bones as well as teeth and prevent your body from osteoporosis also tooth decay. Consuming foods which are rich in calcium such as dairy product, fish, meat and vegetable will surely do.

18. Reduce cholesterol level

If you want to stay away from heart disease and stroke, you should choose your food wisely. Certain food can decrease the cholesterol level in the body such as fiber and some others can increase the cholesterol. It is your choice weather you want to stay healthy or keeping the bad cholesterol inside the body.

19. Prevent breathing problems

Breathing problems occur in the respiratory tract. Consuming food which are high in food additive such as processed food or fries can increase the risk of breathing problem especially in kids. It also can promote cough and sore throat.

20. Prevent allergy

People who has history of food allergy should choose and consider to pick some food item. Healthy food is not only means the food that contains high nutrients but also safe to consume. By practicing healthy eat you will not experience any symptoms of allergy such as red skin, itchy and even anaphylaxis.

21. Maintain healthy vision

Eyes is the window of the world. This phrase show us how important the vision to human life. Consuming healthy food can provides eyes with certain vitamin and mineral which can help to protect the vision such as vitamin A.

22. Increase metabolism

Metabolism is the key of energy that we get to survive. Metabolism occur in the mitocondria of the cell to produce energy. Healthy food contributes some vitamins and mineral which are the components of metabolism process such as vitamin B complex.

23. Fight anemia

Healthy food is food who provide almost types of nutrients including iron and copper. Those minerals play important role in the development of red blood cells and oxygen transportation. Without such minerals, the red blood cells function will be disturbed and causing anemia.

24. Improves healthy pregnancy

Pregnant women is maybe belong to the people who required most nutrients compared to other human condition. During pregnancy, women don’t only eat to maintain her body health only but also for the development of her kids. Healthy eating while pregnant will help the development of new born baby organs and prevent it from several birth defects.

25. Increase good mood

Healthy and delicious food can make your life feel so happy. Mostly amino acid and Vitamin B in food can trigger the body to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can give “happy feeling” and increase your good mood.

26. Promotes longer life

All those fascinating benefits of healthy eating will lead to a longer life span and better quality life. Healthy eating can slower the aging process and reduce the effect of the aging itself. It will not only make you life longer but stay healthy until your golden age. Have you heard that the oldest man on earth only eat organic and natural product which is healthy and contain no food additive?


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